The XLERATOR hand dryer uses patented technology to make hand drying fast and efficient. Designed with a high-velocity air stream and contoured nozzle that completely eliminates water droplets and vapor, the XLERATOR dries hands completely in 10 seconds*. As a result, people actually like to use the XLERATOR.


Cost Savings

XLERATOR dryers help facility managers save thousands of dollars annually by eliminating the need for paper towel dispensers and their maintenance. On average, XLERATOR offers a 95% cost savings over paper towels. Check our case studies section to learn how Fenway Park, Sacramento High and Northwestern Memorial Hospital saved money by installing XLERATORs.

Cost Savings

Energy Usage

XLERATOR uses 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers. Facilities around the world use the XLERATOR as an integral part of efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and meet environmental sustainability goals. The XLERATOR has been recommended by the Green Restaurant Association and the Green Hotels Association as the premier environmental solution for the food service and hospitality industries. The XLERATOR has also been named a Top 10 product by Environmental Building News.

Less Energy


The new XLERATOReco hand dryer is the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly hand dryer on the planet. It’s ‘No Heat’ technology dries hands in 12 seconds* while using only 500 watts of energy, setting a new standard in hand-drying efficiency and sustainability. XLERATOReco helps facilities qualify for several LEED v4 Credits, Green Globes and other certifications to achieve corporate and government sustainability goals.


Made In USA Certified

XLERATOR is the only hand dryer that is Made In USA Certified®. In the age of outsourcing to the lowest bidder, Excel Dryer remains committed to providing our workers with a fair wage and an excellent work environment. We’ve been a family business for more than 40 years and we’re proud of the fact that our workers have had their own families grow with us. We also believe that satisfied workers making a good wage makes for a superior product.



The XLERATOR is virtually maintenance-free, while paper towel dispensers require frequent fixing and restocking. Eliminating paper waste from restrooms also saves on cleaning costs. And XLERATOR hand dryers come with a 5 Year Warranty, guaranteeing the dryer to be free from defects for a period of five (5) years. The warranty includes factory performed labor as well as the repair or exchange of defective parts, at manufacturer’s option.


Modular Construction = Easy Maintenance

XLERATOR Hand Dryer Modular Construction

*optional parts shown


Excel Dryer now offers exclusive digital imaging technology that allows buyers to design their own high-speed XLERATOR® hand dryers with company logos, team mascots, school colors and more. Excel Dryer’s imaging technology allows the dryers to be branded with a fully integrated design, rather than a sticker or other surface brand that could easily be marred or removed. The XLERATOR also offers exclusive, state-of-the-art accessories and add-ons, including ADA recess and Xchanger kits. Additionally, the XLERATOReco® option utilizes no heat technology to offer XLERATOR features, including the above accessories and customization, at only 500 watts.


Case Studies

Facility Managers at Northwestern Memorial Hospital Deliver Rx for Hand Hygiene and Maintenance Issues.

“The Northwestern Memorial Hospital Infection Control Board concluded that XLERATOR was the most hygienic hand drying option. Over 100 XLERATOR hand dryers were installed – meeting the board’s rigorous hygiene standards.”


Excel Dryer hits a grand slam for the Red Sox with the installation of the original, patented, high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer-XLERATOR®.

“As stewards of such a storied venue we recognize our unique position and ability to raise public consciousness about important issues. Our decision to enhance the ballpark’s environmental attributes is one born out of a sense of personal responsibility and professional duty … For us, this announcement marks some of the first steps in an ongoing process to make America’s most beloved and oldest ballpark also one of America’s greenest.” – Tom Werner, Boston Red Sox Chairman


The Sacramento City Unified School District Scores Straight A’s with the Installation of High-Speed, Energy-Efficient Green Apple XLERATOR® Hand Dryers.

“The high-speed, energyefficient Green Apple XLERATOR® hand dryers are helping to reduce our operational costs by lowering our paper towel consumption and reducing the amount of labor needed to maintain our facilities.” – Kent Jones, District Facilities Operations Specialist

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